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The Irmo Okra Strut Parade will begin at 9:00 am on Saturday, September 28, and proceed down Saint Andrews Road from Crossroads Middle School to Lake Murray Boulevard. If your application is accepted, you will be mailed a confirmation indicating your check-in and Staging Area instructions. For the safety of all participants and attendees, you must adhere to these instructions to participate. Please read the information carefully and, if you have any questions, contact the Parade Organizer.

Although costuming and manner of dress is left to each organization or entry, all participants must dress in a tasteful manner, keeping in mind that this is a family-oriented event. The Okra Strut Commission reserves the right to prohibit participation of any entry deemed unsafe or in bad taste. The Commission also reserves the right to remove any entry or participant from the parade when the design, construction, operations or other actions of that entry or its participants present a danger to spectators or participants. Decisions of the Commission and/or its delegates will be final.

Additional Parade Information

Staging Guidelines

  • Parade staging begins at 6am at Crossroads Middle School. All units must be in place by 8:45am. Only vehicles that are registered and approved to appear in the parade (“Parade Vehicles”) are permitted in the staging area. Once a vehicle enters the staging area, it is not permitted to leave until the parade has begun.

  • Vehicles may drop off parade participants in the drive-through area in front of Crossroads Middle School. No parking is permitted in this area; drop-offs only.

  • Participants and others may park vehicles (“Non-Parade Vehicles”) in designated Okra Strut parking lots (Irmo Wellness Center and Union United Methodist Church). Shuttle buses travel to and from the festival site at Irmo Community Park and these parking areas.

  • If your entry includes the use of music, either live or recorded, you must notify the festival in your application. Entries with amplified music will be spaced in the parade to lessen overlap of sounds. If your application does not indicate use of music, please contact the office or you may be forced to do without your music.

Parade Route & Activities

  • Each unit should include a sign or placard stating the name of the entry and sponsor.

  • Children under the age of 14 must have adult supervision at all times during the event.

  • Small children walking in the parade must have approved transportation on hand, or someone willing and able to carry them should they tire.

  • Only trained horses and experienced riders will be allowed to participate in the parade. Horses must be diapered or owners must provide clean-up crews to follow the horses. Clean up during the parade as well as before and after for horses or other animals will be the responsibility of the owner and/or rider.

  • THE THROWING OF GUM, CANDY AND/OR OTHER MATERIAL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED – NO EXCEPTIONSYou may hand out candy and materials while walking with the parade as long as the material/candy is placed in someone’s hand and not dropped on the ground.

  • The judging stand is located near the corner of St. Andrews Road and Fork Road. Awards are given to Best Commercial/Business Unit, Best Non-Profit/Community Group Unit and Best Marching Unit.


  • NO WALKING VENDORS WILL BE PERMITTED ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE unless previously approved by the Okra Strut Commission.

Parade End

  • The parade marches into Irmo Elementary School and disburses from there. Non-Parade Vehicles are not allowed into this area.

  • Shuttle buses will be running to and from the festival site at Irmo Community Park and Irmo Elementary School, as well as other designated Okra Strut parking lots. Shuttle buses drop off at Okra Man at the festival site; so you and your parade participant can “Meet Me at Okra Man” after the parade.

  • If you are not meeting your parade participant at the festival site, arrange to meet at a location within walking distance of Irmo Elementary School.

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