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Exhibitor Policies & Procedures

In addition to Okra Strut Policies and Procedures, all participants are required to comply with State, County and local codes and regulations. Food vendors will be subject to inspection by DHEC and the Irmo Fire Marshall.

A: APPLICATION PROCESS COMPLETION PROCESS – Application must be completed, signed, and returned by the deadline indicated and must include all non-refundable fees (unless applicant is not accepted for participation). CONFIRMATION OF ACCEPTANCE – If accepted for participation, a confirmation will be mailed containing check-in time, your space number, map, and other applicable information. NOTIFICATION OF REJECTION – If applicant is not accepted for participation, a notice explaining the reason for rejection and a refund check will be mailed to applicant promptly. PHOTO – All NEW APPLICANTS must provide a photo of their unit with their application. Photos will NOT be returned. This includes arts and crafts, food, and amusements, and commercial and non-profit exhibits.

B: ON-SITE SALES & UNIT GUIDELINES CHECK-IN and SET-UP PROCEDURES for THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY FRIDAY VENDORS – may access the site and set-up between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM as early as Wednesday. Only FOOD and AMUSEMENT vendors will be permitted to SET-UP early. All vehicles, trailers or other large objects must be removed from the site by 5:00 PM Friday. Only approved support and supply vehicles will be permitted to remain on the festival site. Vehicles may access the site after 11:00 PM when it is safe to do so. NOTE: Only exhibitor vendors paying for Friday sales may set up on Friday after 2:00 PM and before 5:00 PM on an odd or even space number basi6 due to the evening concert held on the grounds which begins at 6:00 PM. SATURDAY VENDORS – may access the site and set-up between 7:00 – 9:00 am. All vehicles, trailers or other large objects must be removed from the site by 9:30 AM. Only approved support and supply vehicles will be permitted to remain on the festival site. Vehicles may access the site after 10:00 PM or when safe to do so. ANY PARTICIPANT WHO FAILS TO ARRIVE DURING THE CHECK-IN TIME WILL BE CONSIDERED A NO SHOW AND THE SPACE MAY BE RE-ASSIGNED. 3 You can begin setting up depending on when you have paid to come, either Friday for even numbered spaces from 2:00 – 3:00 pm or odd numbered spaces from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM or Saturday for even numbered spaces from 6:00 AM – 7:30 AM or odd numbered spaces from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Your space number will be sent to you closer to the event. 4, Vendors in the 100 numbered spaces will have access to park 1 (one) vehicle behind their booth, which must remain there until early out between 4:30-6:00PM or after 10:00 PM. Absolutely no exception can be made for this per Irmo Police Department and Okra Stut Commission. 5, Vendor off-site parking and a shuttle bus is provided please utilize this service. SPACE ASSIGNMENT – Participants are assigned a space with a corresponding ID number. Participant cannot sublet, assign, or donate their space in whole or part without permission of festival management. UNIT OPERATION AND SALES – Unit must be operational during official festival hours. PARTICIPANT WILL BE PERMITTED TO SELL OR GIVE AWAY APPROVED ITEMS ONLY. Only approved food vendors may sell beverages. All vendors including Food, beverage and amusement vendors will be required to accept CASH SYSTEM. PRIVILEGE FEE for food vendors only – Will be determined by the number of items on your menu. NIT OPERATION AND SALES – Participants will be provided with a space approximately (12’) front by (12’) in depth. No tables or tents will be provided by Okra Strut SIGNAGE – Participants are responsible for signage. Signage must be contained within assigned space. CLEAN UP – Each participant must clean up his/her designed area during the day with a final clean up at the end of the day. Trash and recycling receptacles will be on site. TAXES – Participant is responsible for SC sales tax, if applicable. It is the participants responsibility to file the necessary forms with the SC Tax Commission. For tax information, call (803) 737-4788. SAFETY – All participants must comply with all fire and safety guidelines explained in the confirmation material. FOOD SALES – The sale of food or beverage products is strictly limited to approved food vendors. PRODUCT/SERVICE EXCLUSIVITY - No participant will be granted exclusivity of products, business or services. RESTRICTED SALES/GIVE-AWAY ITEMS – The sale of the following items is strictly prohibited: any type of GLOW PRODUCTS, SILLY STRING OR SIMILAR PRODUCTS, ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES or firearms. Okra Strut Commission or Irmo Police Department will have final determination if something is a weapon and not allowed.

C: FESTIVAL SERVICES FESTIVAL SERVICES ELECTRICAL SERVICE – Electrical service is limited and is therefore not guaranteed and must be requested at time of application. If service is provided by the Festival, it will be indicated on your confirmation and maybe up to 50 feet from your space. SECURITY – Overnight security is provided on the festival site. However, festival management cannot be responsible for lost merchandise or material due to theft or vandalism.

D: GENERAL INFORMATION GENERAL INFORMATION LIABILITY – Neither the Irmo Okra Strut Commission, The Town of Irmo, Richland nor Lexington Counties nor any of their representatives, employees, agents, patrons, guest, or sponsors shall be liable for any loss of damage to the property of any participant due to fire, robbery, accident, or other cause that may arise from participant’s use or occupancy of participant’s assigned space during the festival. INSURANCE – All participants shall be responsible for liability insurance and must provide a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE FROM THEIR INSURANCE CARRIER. Vendors will not be accepted if this certificate is not received. REFUNDS – No participant refunds will be made due to inclement weather. Space fees are refundable only if applicant is not accepted to participate. REMOVAL - Festival officials reserve the right to close down and remove any participant that is not adhering to festival policies and procedures, deemed obnoxious or performing activities not in keeping with festival tradition. This includes selling or giving away items that have not been approved by the okra strut commission to sell or give away. In addition to the policies and procedures outlined in Section 1-4, the following policies and procedures apply to food and amusement participants. IRMO FIRE MARSHAL & DHEC - The Irmo Fire Marshal and a representative from DHEC will inspect all food vendors. ***FOOD VENDORS ARE REQUIRED TO BE SET-UP BY 4:00 PM FRIDAY FOR DHEC INSPECTION. You may not sell anyfood before the official opening of the festival at 5:00 PM on Friday or until you have been inspected by fire Marshal and or DHEC whichever comes first. CLEANUP – Participant must provide appropriate grease storage containers and must not dispose of grease on the festival site. Violating vendors will be fined additional cleaning charges after a closing inspection. MENU SIGNAGE – Participants must provide and display a sign indicating the price for each approved sales item. SERVICE AND PREPARATION – Participant must comply with all DHEC sanitation and fire safety guidelines. Bottles and glass containers are not permitted and participant is encouraged to use recyclable materials. All participants utilizing cooking equipment are required to have a fire extinguisher readily available ICE WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE ON THE FESTIVAL SITE. Let us know if you will be taking advantage of this. This is for your convenience but is not mandatory. You will be responsible for transporting ice to your booth. LAKE MURRAY WOMEN CLUB – will have exclusive rights to the sale of fried okra in conjunction with the Festival. WATER – Vendor water service will be available at limited locations. BEVERAGES – Alcoholic beverages will be sold exclusively by the festival. Food vendors may sell approved non- alcoholic beverages or bottled drinks obtained only from official festival beverage sales. Bottled water may be available free of charge from some sponsors or craft fair vendors. FOOD & AMUSEMENTS INSURANCE COVERAGE IF ACCEPTED, proof of insurance coverage must be submitted in the form of a Certificate of Insurance from applicant’s insurance company.

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