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Do The Okra Strut!

September 22nd, 2017 – Irmo, S.C. – We are excited to announce the new song and dance by Terence Young!

The Okra Strut is a song written for the Okra Strut that has a funky beat with a fun dance that is easy enough for anyone to do. The song and dance will be performed live Friday night by Terence Young himself with The Finesse Band.

Terence Young

“Love It!” said Heather Hardy who sits on the commission for the 2017 Okra strut.

According to Larry Slaughter the commission president, the idea for an Okra Strut dance was actually Leeza Gibbons. Larry really liked the idea and Terence was just the guy to make it happen. Listen to a quick sample of the song being released next Friday at the Okra Strut!!!